Live sound



Sound Engineer for live bands. Including patch, rigging & backline.

Sound Design



Sound design for films and theatrical plays.

Sound Recording



On-location recordings for films and television.



Sound Engineer/Designer

Petros works as a freelance Sound Engineer & Designer and is based in Edinburgh. As a live sound engineer he has worked with rock bands, acoustic ensembles, orchestras, choirs and theatrical groups in a variety of live venues and theatres. His professional experience also includes working in sound for film and television; that is, location recordings and Foley art, as well as post-production editing and mixing.

Petros was born in Athens, Greece. Since he was a child he had a great interest in anything that makes sound/noise. At the age of four he started learning woodwind instruments and when he was nine years old he joined the local marching band, playing the Clarinet in Eb – the only woodwind he could handle because of its small size. He later attended the Music High School in Pallini, Greece, where he developed his skills and expanded his musical knowledge. During his school years, he had the opportunity to learn how to play a variety of musical instruments such as piano, saxophone, guitar, bouzouki (traditional Greek stringed instrument), saz (traditional Turkish stringed instrument) and many others.

After graduating from school, he studied computer programming but never lost his interest in music, as he performed regularly with friends as an amateur musician. His professional career in IT mainly involved administering and maintaining enterprise-level computer networks. Later on in his life, he decided to combine his technical knowledge with his love for music. So he went back to college to study Music with Technology, and in 2012 acquired a BA in Sound Production and Engineering from the University of Wales. He further pursued his studies on a postgraduate level, obtaining his MA in Sound Production from Edinburgh Napier University in 2013, for which he was awarded with the University Medal in recognition of outstanding achievements.


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